Урок 7. Объяснение /Lesson 7. Explanation/


Hi again, dear friend! I am happy to be here and present you some new words and phrases that you may like and consider useful for your everyday conversations in English. Well, get ready, get set, go!


We start with — go for a basket lunch – what is it, do you think? It is just the same like to go to a picnic. It’s usually a trip to the countryside, but also can be in a park and somewhere of the kind.


Hit the place – means arrive, come to a certain place. You may have heard the famous song – Hit the road, Jack! — it’s just to remember the sounds)


Sightworthy – when something is worth seeing, visiting, admiring, enjoying and stuff, we say that it’s sightworthy. Good expression, yup.


When we want to add a new thought of our own to the current conversation, we start with — To the point – it’s just like “by the way” and so on.


We were never to talk – means “we had no time and occasion to talk about something, to discuss a topic or anything else”.


Have nothing to speak of – means have no news, no ideas, nothing interesting to tell about something.


My head was spinning – when you say – my head’s spinning – you mean that things around you are too exciting, fussy and even, may be, tiring.


You mean it? – do you really want to say this? Is it true? – this is what this phrase means.


Go full speed – you say this to express that you run very fast, fussily, with no ease.


My hands are freer here – I have more ideas or plans to realize and I am free to realize them. I have conditions, permissions and all what I need.


Gloomy – mean sad, not happy, very sad.


Muster up courage – this means to take all courage, become courageous, work up the nerves to do something.


Be enthused – when you like something, when you get enthusiasm, hope, encouraged, then you – are enthused.


I wish I had half your optimism… — when you are not as optimistic as your partner about some issues, but you want to and wish to express your feelings, you say this phrase.


Eyes locked on the ground – when we look at the ground, when we cannot or do not want to look up, our – eyes are locked on the ground.


As a whole – means generally, in general.


Get in with somebody – means be friends, make friends, be friendly to each other, to get on well.


Have an eye on – one of the meanings of the phrase, and which is used in our conversation, — is to like something, to want to get it, to dream of receiving what we wish.


on mind – let’s imagine, that you have something, an unsettled problem, an unrealized idea or something like that, and it doesn’t make you happy and satisfied. And this preys on your mind.


Have somebody on your back – means provide somebody with food and money, to care and look after somebody. This is how parents have their children on their backs.


Over and above – it’s just another way to express – “in addition”, “additionally”.


They number in hundreds – this phrase means that some things are very widespread, popular, numerous and so on.


The more so as – when we add some facts that improve our understanding and our explanation, we use these words.


Have no option – have no other variants, no choice, be limited in decisions and actions.


That’s a dear! – it is an expression to show our approval, satisfaction, acceptance.


Look beyond the problems – this means to ignore problems, do not worry, at least for a while.


You got it! – you understood me right! You remembered! You guessed!


Prog – this is some provision, food and anything that we take with us to a picnic.


A sight of people. – means many people, crowds of people, fuss and mess.


Save me from! – I don’t want something and I ask you – save me from!


Do without it nicely! – when you do without something nicely, this means that this thing is not much necessary for you, as you may think, or may be some other person may think for you)


Win my heart! – you win my heart when you study English regularly, and this makes you make me happy and satisfied! Yes. This is my pleasure.


There now! — when we are unhappy that someone starts something again, we pronounce this expression of our disappointment.


Dispatch this delicious piece – dispatch a piece of some food, means eat it up fast, even like an animal sometimes if much hungry.


To the end of the earth! – whenever and wherever you want – I will follow you – to any place – to the end of the earth.


Foodaholic! – there are alcoholics, and you know who they are, and also, there are people addicted to food and they are called foodaholics… and workaholics also exist.


What about helping us some wine? – What about pouring some wine in our glasses?


The first available – the first that you saw, the first that you could take, the first, generally.


Guilty as charged. – Yes I accept my fault, I know I am guilty, and I know I did wrong.


Come through everything – when we are together, when we are optimistic, when we help each other, we can do everything, we can come through anything. We will survive… just like in that famous song “I will survive”.


Let’s stroll about – let’s have a walk, let’s walk around, let’s walk in this wonderful place.


Well, we are through for now. Come back soon. Learn English. Improve your skills, be happy and stay with us!


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