Урок 5. Объяснение /Lesson 5. Explanation/


Hello! Again, it’s time to polish up your English. And I’m at your service. Well. Let’s get this started.


The first word to know today is – to afford – whose meaning is “to be able”, “to have possibility” and, in everyday language, it’s generally used to express that one has enough money, or any other means, to pay for something.


Make one’s way – this is pretty much the same as “to go somewhere”, “to get somewhere”. Also it may mean “to make a career” and “succeed in life”, but it’s not the case of our conversation.


Car rental company – is a company specializing on car rental. Now, it’s truly a very popular service worldwide.


It’s intolerable! – this emotional phrase may be used by you when you can’t stand a thing or situation anymore. You are not able to tolerate it.


I guess so – to express your consent and agreement with a statement you heard, just say this.


Truth be told – we say this when going to tell a truth, some facts and such.


I’m sick of – means “I am tired”, I don’t want to do something any more.


To waltz packages – means “to travel, especially on foot, carrying heavy bags”.


To throw a party in the countryside – is “to go for a picnic” to the country.


It tired me out – in other words, it made me tired and exhausted.


It’s a deal, then – When we agree and consent with a certain suggestion, we often use this phrase.


Costly affair – an event or an action, for which we’ll pay a great sum of money, or our efforts, we may call a “costly affair”.


A car loan – this is buying a car on credit.


To take up duties – expresses “to start performing tasks” at work or at any place, where your work is needed.


To set up home – means arrange all things, furniture and such in the house. So to speak, to prepare the house for comfortable living.


To set aside – when we wish to buy something, we have to set aside, or allow, a certain amount of money. For example, “let’s set aside some bucks for ice-cream”.


To be finished – means “to finish, complete” a work or a task.


To sneak out of the office – is “to go home” from the office so that no one could see you going.


To hire a car – this is the same as “to rent a car”, to take a car for a certain period and pay for that on a daily basis, generally.


A subcompact car – it is a car of a middle class, most often, a small car, sometimes even a two-door car.


I follow you – you say this to show you are listening to somebody attentively during your conversation.


To see the true value of – means to see well all the good and bad sides of a situation or anything.


I clean forgot – it is when you forget something, you overlook it completely.


Child safety seat – it is a special seat for little children making their travel in the car safe and secure.


Did I get you right? – when talking to somebody, you want to specify, to make sure that you understand the person clearly, you pronounce this phrase and then repeat the idea you heard.


One year my junior. – this means that somebody is one year younger than you. Of course, you understand, it’s possible to use any other figure according to the situation: two years my junior, three years my junior and all of the kind further.


A good looker – something or somebody that is very beautiful, attractive and stuff.


Pretty good! – it is expression of your agreement, satisfaction, consent and favor.


To lock funds on a card – usually, service providers, such as car rental companies or any others, for services of which you pay with your credit card, lock certain sums on your card as a security deposit.


Unlimited mileage – when you rent a car, make sure to ask about the mileage included into the rental price. It’s good if it’s unlimited and this means, you’ll be free to drive as many miles as you need.


Toll roads – these are the roads and expressways, where tolls, payments, are collected.


To draw from a credit card – again, when you pay for a service with your credit card, they draw the payments from your credit card.


To complete formalities – this means to make, complete and sign all necessary documents required by a special procedure.


Principal driver – this is a driver, who is the most responsible for a car. It’s often specified in auto insurance.


Exactly right. – Use it to show your agreement, confirmation and support and all of the kind.


To poison pleasure. – I’m sure, you guessed yourselves, that this words mean spoiling a good thing or a feeling, making it bad, interrupting the pleasure.


Rush hours – the hours with lots of traffic jams, crowded streets, when everyone goes to work or back home.


One hour off – it also can be – one day off – two days off – and even – three days and four hours off – and means that a special time is left before an event we all are waiting for.


There, that’s done for this lesson. Come back again. And keep on deepening your knowledge of English. See you soon and good luck!


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