Урок 2. Объяснение /Lesson 2. Explanation/


Hi again! I’m glad you’re here and happy to make you acquainted with the next set of words and phrases to improve your speaking skills.


Well. Let’s start with – “At the height of” – meaning in the very middle, in the very center.


“Be about” – means be going to do something right now, be at the point of doing something right now. So, what are you about to do? Right. To listen to the next word, which is


“Run all-distracted” – meaning complete exhausting with worrying and anxiety, for example, while waiting for news or somebody and not knowing what is happening there.


If “Hurray” is too long for you, just say shortly and briefly “Rah!”. That’ will do well.


“Fly into passion” – a good phrase to express the state when the things somebody is doing in the moment are very interesting for the person. Then one starts to make all efforts and enjoy the process.


to settle in – when you get into a new place, you need some time to get used to it and arrange your home, in other words, to settle in.


Awesome! – really very-very good! You say it when you like something very much.


……, do you think? – you’re asking somebody’s opinion? The ask your question with add “do you think” in the end of sentence.


will do – will be good, will suit, will match, will be useful and all of the kind.


It’s not a drama to happen – this is what we’ll say to persuade somebody that the situation is not that much bad, that everything will be ok, and that it will not be bad if something happens.


to put the saved money to better use – means to save money and spend it in our most convenient way, to spend it for what we like more


let’s say – let’s suppose, let’s put in other words


It calls for a good celebration! – yeah! This situation, this important event is exactly worth celebration and it is in this case we say that it calls for a good celebration.


you are your usual self – oh! You don’t change your way, you always do and think the same, it is so easy to say what you’ll do in this or another situation. That’s it.


In an effort to – you love sweets? Or travelling? Then you are in an effort to have some sweet or to travel. You always try and do your best to get or achieve what you love.


care – we say “we care” when we worry about something or somebody. This is why when we feel the opposite we say – I don’t care.


The news will stun them – this news will shock them, will make them worry, make them exciting and all the stuff.


explain all this surprise – when we do something unexpectedly, and we want our friends to calm down or to understand and accept our actions, we go to “explain” what we did or just are going to.


will not do – this will not be good at all whatever it be, a thing or a situation.


You got it! – means – you are right, you understand it well, this is the truth and so on. In other words, we accept, confirm and agree.


I’ll find it out now – I’ll do something to know or to get some information I need


can hardly – means something is very difficult, not affordable, not easy to reach or gain


I’ll give it more thought – you’ll say it when you want to think about something again, consider the topic again and more carefully


work a bit late tonight – means be late from work, work until the late night, work hard


settle up affairs – when you want to change life, or, may be just start another thing, you certainly should settle up affairs, meaning finish and complete the previous things.


to jolly – Angelina Jolie was clever to choose a good name as it sounds just like our word “jolly” meaning care for somebody, treat with tenderness, calm and ease somebody, make somebody accept something with the power of our love and care


our news rides a turkey at the very least… — “ride something”, in this case, is used to say that it is really worth something or doing something, that it will be equal in cost whatever it may be, money or action


Say — I’m all for it! – if you completely agree with something, that you support the idea or suggestion.


You would give everything to eat… – you love eating so much that you are ready to do or give anything to eat more and tastier. You’re a real gourmand, indeed.


Don’t be mad at me. – we don’t want somebody get angry and we say this.


shoulder – it is not only a part of human body, but also the action, when we make or force somebody to do something instead of us. That means we put the tasks on the shoulders of our fellow people.


be at your disposal. – do anything one wants us to do, completely obey, be of service for somebody.


completely slipped from my mind – means I forgot it completely


transfer – we can transfer money to somebody, transfer cargoes and anything material, but also, which is used in this case, we can transfer a person from one job position to another, even to another city


antedated – means put in the documents the date, which already passed, with a past date, not actual


settle formalities – we settle formalities, in other words, we sign all needed documents and stuff in order to register something in writing.


I’ve almost made my mind to it… — I’ve almost got used to it, it is not strange or unpleasant for me any more


It’ll take some work – we need to make some efforts to do something


let it go – this phrase means we want to change the subject, stop discussing something, we’d like to forget the topic at least for the moment


I can’t afford the time today – you may say it when you don’t have time to do something, when you are too busy.


that’ll teach you! – it will be a good lesson for you and next time you’ll think before doing this or that


Ignominiously – means with great shame, with no glory, means do something that is not worth being proud of. Something like “Inglorious Bastards” you must have watch the movie, I’m sure.


It’ll make me feel even better – yes, I think it will be good for me, the best solution, situation or decision for me, the best result. And I’ll be satisfied and calm.


Your wish is my command – this is what the Ginny always says to Aladdin, you must know this Disney’s cartoon. And meaning of this phrase is like “I completely obey and will do whatever you want me to do”.


Uneasy is the knight’s life – in this phrase, we emphasize that something, in our case the knight’s life, is very difficult and full of troubles.


It seems we’ve looked through everything for this dialog. Stay connected. We’re at your service! See you later!


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