Урок 17. Объяснение /Lesson 17. Explanation/


Hi, dear friend! I’m glad you’re here again. And this is our last session in this course. I believe you are reading, listening and repeating all the words and phrases we have already learnt. And now I’m giving to you another set of words. Let’s start now!


A doctor’s appointment – this is a specified date, with a specified hour of visiting a doctor.


To feel seedy – means to feel bad, sick, to feel nausea.


To faint – means to lose consciousness, to fall unconscious.


To pick someone up – means to take somebody from a certain place by car generally.


It’s nothing at all serious with you – this phrase expresses the hope that you are ok, that you are healthy.


To have oneself examined – means to pass tests in order to assess one’s health condition.


Out of a clear sky – this is just the same like – without any reason.


To feel dizzy – means to faint, to be light-headed, to be off balance, reeling, shaky and stuff.


Be unfocused – this is not to able to concentrate.


Be down with influenza – means to lie in the bed with high temperature, fever, cough and rheum.


To write something off to something – when you want to find reasons, to explain the things that are happening with you or around you, you do find the reasons, in other words, you – write the situation to a certain reason.


To have a thorough rest – after a hard work, when you are tired and exhausted, you need to have a thorough rest in order to get back to normal as soon as possible.


To submit to tests – means to pass tests in a laboratory in order to investigate one’s health condition.


A prenatal clinic – this is a special clinic for pregnant women where they are help in their condition.


Puerperium – this is the period after childbirth.


A course for pregnant women – this is a special course organized for pregnant women, sometimes for pregnant couples, in order to help them while carrying of a pregnancy.


Doomsday – this is a day or time when you expect something terrible or unpleasant is going to happen. Also, in the Christian religion, Doomsday is the last day of the world, on which God will judge everyone.


I have butterflies in my stomach – you will use this phrase in order to say that you are very much worrying, excited, nervous, agitated, that you are in hot water.


To carry out all one’s wishes – means to make one’s wishes come true, if you are able of course.


To arm ourselves with patience – sometimes patience is like arms defending us against troubles and enemies. So we can arm ourselves with patience and conquer everything and everybody.


Nod’s as good as a wink – say this when you mean – I understood your hint, I can take your hint.


Well, dear friend. Now this was the last session of this course. I am happy that we were brave enough and have hit a winner. But it is not the end, that’s just the beginning. Remember this and don’t be complacent. Stay strong in the pursuit of your goals. And I wish you success and hope to see you again one day! Good luck!


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