Урок 16. Объяснение /Lesson 16. Explanation/


Hello, how are you there? Ready to proceed our work on learning English? You are? Then let us start.


The first phrase to learn is – to give more thoughts of – and it means to think more and more about something, to think about something seriously.


The verb – to look out – means to choose something among the various variants.


Mortgage patterns – these are terms and conditions of mortgage, which are important to study carefully before taking out a loan.


To take out a mortgage – means to take a real estate on credit with the help of a financial institution, of course.


To estimate one’s credit reputation – when one comes to a bank in order to take out a loan, they thoroughly study and investigate his or her credit reputation, in other words, the history of all credits and loans taken by this person throughout his or her whole life.


The rate on the credit – this is interests taken by the bank for providing a loan to a client.


Primary contribution – this is the first payment that a client of a bank must pay while taking out a loan.


Monthly installments – these are scheduled payments repayable to the bank by the bank’s client for the loan taken by the client.


To look the house over – when you are wishing to buy a house and when you like a certain house, before buying it, you must go to the house and look it over carefully in order to escape surprises.


Beyond that – has many meanings such as – as well as, therewith, while, and then all of the kind.


To make allowance for something – this means to consider something, to take it into account, not to miss and not to ignore something that may be important.


An assessment of the house condition – it is an expertise, an analysis of the condition of a house, but not only a house, as anything can be expertized and analyzed.


To drive the price down – means to lower the price while bargaining on price.


To protract – means to continue slowly, to drag on or out, to extent the terms, to lengthen, to prolongs and something like this.


A sum owed – it is the sum that should be repaid, to the bank for example.


Utility payments – these are the payments for utility services such as electricity, water, landlines and all of the kind.


Maintenance payment – this is the payment that should be done to the housing and utility administration performing maintenance of the building, including capita repair and stuff like that.


We’ll rise it – means we shall afford it as we have enough money to this certain purpose.


If that’s the case – in other words – if it is true, if it is so.


To open an account or to establish a deposit – these are the ways of cooperation with banks, you can open an account in a bank and receive money, such as your salary or some payments, to this account. You also can establish a deposit, almost the same account but with your funds deposited on it.


Idle money – it’s free money, which you don’t have to pay for anything, and you are free to dispose and spend this idle money in the way you consider suitable.


To repay the loan – means to give back the money that you take out as a loan in a bank.


And this was the last phrase for this session. I was glad you were here with me. I thank you for your kind attention and I will be looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible. Take care!


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