Урок 12. Объяснение /Lesson 12. Explanation/


Hiya! Let us now proceed! I’ve got some new phrases and expressions to acquaint you with. Just listen them as often as you can and you’ll remember them very soon.


And we make a good beginning with the first phrase of the session, which is – after a good while – meaning after a long time.


Job interview – this is what all candidates for job positions should come through in order to get a job.


On the horizon – means “not far”, “near at hand”, “be round the corner”, that is – to happen very soon.


As the rumor mill says – we can also use “people say”, “they say” and when using – rumor mill – you can refer to the people in a particular place or profession who spread gossips and rumor and other claims just like the rumor mill.


Hardline – when you call somebody – hardline – this means that you describe his or her policy or attitude as hardline, strict, extreme, inflexible, tough and uncompromising.


Smooth – generally, the word “smooth” means “with no roughness, lumps or holes” and it mostly refers to surfaces, but, very often when you want to say that something is “comfortable, going well, free of problems” you also can use the world smooth, for example – the wine is smooth, a smooth talk.


How does this touch me? – means “how does it relate to me?” and by saying this you claim that you have nothing to do with the subject discussed.


And don’t bother – let’s imagine that somebody tells you that he or she did not do something, and in order to show your approval and suggest the person not to do this in future, just say – and don’t bother.


Assume the burden to do something – means take a responsibility to do something, to take trouble to do something.


It stamps you as – means it shows that you are a certain kind of a person, depending on situation.


It dazzles me — If someone or something dazzles you, you are extremely impressed by their skill, qualities, or beauty.


Be wrapped up – when you, or anyone else is wrapped up in somebody or something, that means that you are spending nearly all your time thinking about them, so that you forget about other things which may be important, too.


Proven expertise – it’s the right professional qualification and experience needed for performing of a certain work.


Newbie – it is a person who is new to an activity or in a place.


pro arguments — an argument means a statement or several statements used in order to try to convince people that your opinion, your idea, or your suggestion about a certain subject are correct. Accordingly, arguments can be pro and con – for and against.


Have no doubts – be certain, be sure, believe me, trust me and all of the kind – you say this when you want to persuade your partner.


Strike compromises – it’s just the same as to find compromise, to come to an agreement and so on.


Take a stand – this phrase means to insist on one’s opinion, idea, suggestion, statement and do not let others change them in any circumstances.


Spotty activity – this is an activity which is not regular, uneven, erratic, which is, so to speak, even spontaneous.


To get going – when you get going, you start doing something or start a journey, especially after delay.


I totally approve – this means that I like the idea or the statement very much. And when somebody does good things we always – totally approve.


To be engaged on probation – to be hired for a probation period, after which the candidate may enter a permanent employment agreement.


I’ll do my best – I will use all my skills, efforts, resources and power in order to do something.


I’ll justify your trust – when you trust, believe me, I’ll do my best to justify your trust so that you are satisfied and mot disappointed.


To take best shot – means to do one’s best, to use all skills, efforts and all of the kind in order to reach a certain goal.


Bring somebody up to speed – means to make somebody acquainted with the rules and procedures of a certain activity which may be a job or anything like this.


Well, for now, I’m done. I hope and believe that you’re satisfied with the new phrases and that you’ll listen them regularly. So, go the extra mile! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Bye-bye!


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