Урок 10. Объяснение /Lesson 10. Explanation/


Hi friend! Here we are progressing up the language ladder and I’m going to demonstrate you some more new language materials from the conversation above.


And I open this session with – to have an account to deal with – which means to have something important to do, settle, decide and so on.


Be messing with something – this phrase means that one is doing something for a very long time, and it rather difficult, tiring and exhausting. He or she would rather use somebody’s help.


Pretty fellow – when you want to express your disapproval, sometimes blame, in other words, almost any negative feelings toward a certain person, you can call him or her “a pretty fellow”.


They’re right in the way – they are on my way and are preventing me from doing something. I can’t move freely and perform the action in a good way as they consume too much space.


Mess – one of the meanings of this interesting word is “disorder”, for example, when we do not clean our houses, there’s a mess there. So, anything else that suggests disorder, chaos and confusion may be called “a mess”.


Nice phrase — on the fly – means immediately, while doing something, in the process of performing something, real-time.


A small matter! – when you want to say that it’s easy for you to do something, for example, to help or assist somebody, do a favor or a service to somebody, you can use this phrase very successfully.


It’s not a great tie on me – and this phrase has almost the same meaning that the previous one – it's not difficult for you to do something.


If it’s not too much trouble for you – when you want to be polite while asking somebody to do something, you can start with this gentle phrase. And you’ll reach your goal, surely)


Any day now – this means that something may happen very soon, any day.


I believe most people have heard – neighbors’ fuss – sometimes the walls in houses are so thin that we can hear almost everything that is happening in our neighbors’ apartment. It’s not pleasant and we call this “neighbor’s fuss”.


Swap around – means to move things, change their places, put on thing on the place of another and vice versa.


Have a bite – to make a light meal, to have a snack.


My always going hungry monster! – going hungry – means be always hungry, to want to eat something constantly.


As we speak – while we are speaking, taking, having a conversation.


I can’t believe you! – “you’re unbelievable, I admire you, you make me surprised, I can’t understand how you do this” – these all are the meanings of this phrase.


To put one to work – to make, to force somebody to work.


It’ s a dark women’s secret! – a dark secret may be not only women’s, anyone, any group of people can have a dark secret, and this means that it is a very serious, strange mystery that must not be disclosed.


You’re a sly one! – when you feel some cunning or even deception in somebody’s speech and want to show that you understand his or her real plans, you can use this phrase as an answer.


I do know – I really know, I know for sure, I surely know and believe.


To get to comfortable – means take a comfortable seat, to lean back in an easy in order to listen to some beautiful music or watch a movie, or, just have some rest.


That’s the lot? – is it all? — in other words.


We made short work of it. – means to manage to do something very fast and easily with almost no efforts.


It is fine to – means – it would be good to, I want to, I would like to, I can do something.


For now, this is all what I wanted to represent to you. I’m sure you’ll find more useful phrases for yourself in the conversation and this will be very good, don’t stop learning English and you’ll surely succeed. Good luck and come back soon!


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