Тест по лексике английского языка

Предлагаем Вам пройти тест на знание и употребление лексики английского языка. Это бесплатный онлайн-тест, который поможет Вам быстро проверить словарный запас английского!

1. He was so tired that he ….. asleep in the chair.
2. Our company is a small organization with only a few ….. .
3. Before we start the lesson, I`d like to ….. what we did yesterday.
4. We’ve ….. out of bread. Could you go and buy some?
5. Will you ..... in and drop me off at the nearest bus stop?
6. He ..... on crying and nobody could stop him.
7. Is that a true story, or did you ..... it up?
8. Several automobile ..... occurred yesterday, but no casualties have been reported.
9. Sometimes a small ..... may lead to an important invention.
10. The invention of the moving pictures was a major ..... in mass media.
11. The company has had a bad year and will therefore not be ….. any new workers.
12. The estate agent spent a ….. deal of time trying to persuade me to buy the house.
13. The girl woke up crying because she had ….. a nightmare.
14. Don't be ..... . Give me one candy.
15. The man is ….. . That is why he can’t hear the signal.
16. ..... children were playing with the dog.
17. The picnic was nice, but the flies were really ..... .
18. After work my husband is as hungry as a ..... .
19. The kitten was very dirty and as slippery as ..... .
20. The child is as gentle as a ..... .