Тест на Прошедшее простое время в английском языке (The Past Simple Tensе)

1. Every day I help my Mom about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exam. So I … her much.
2. Tom isn’t playing tennis tomorrow afternoon, he … tennis yesterday.
3. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we … lunch later.
4. I … to the market myself last time, but now I don’t remember how to get there.
5. Looking through the paper, the teacher … several mistakes.
6. When you … to your parents last time?
7. Yesterday Mr. Watson … too much at the party.
8. Don’t worry about your letter. I … it the day before yesterday.
9. My husband … in the bank for three years since 1990 to 1993.
10. We … a holiday last year.


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