Тест на Прошедшее длительное время в английском языке

Предлагаем Вам пройти бесплатный онлайн-тест на знание Прошедшего длительного времени (The Past Continuous Tense) английского языка. Тест с ответами.

1. The police caught Dan when he … a shop.
2. He couldn’t speak because he … of laughtеr.
3. When you rang me yesterday, I … a bath.
4. Somebody stole the money from Dad’s pocket while he … .
5. I … by the window when I heard the noise.
6. Just as Tom … the street, a car came round the corner.
7. On coming up to the house I saw a man who … to unlock the door by force.
8. I saw a light in your window as I … by.
9. Liz’s elder brother said that he … to enter Leeds University.
10. While my son … for my call, somebody knocked at the door.


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