Тест на фразовые глаголы в английском языке

1. After his illness, he worked hard to … on his missed schoolwork.
2. Jeff felt as if he had been … when he lost his job.
3. Before Sheila died from a long battle with cancer, she asked her sister to … her children.
4. Ken … the best fruit at the supermarket.
5. Jeremy didn't want to … the wedding any longer.
6. The little corner store often … bread near the end of the week.
7. Bob's father taught him to be firm and to … for what he believes.
8. Kelly … her mother. They have many of the same interests.
9. Leila was feeling blue, so she went shopping to … some new outfits.
10. Bryan tapped Pauline on the shoulder so she would … and see the parade approaching behind them.


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