Эссе по английскому "Virtual travelling is better than the real thing"

Nowadays the virtual world is gradually becoming an essential part of our life. On the Internet, there are a lot of photos and video presentations of different countries and cities so that you do not need to go and see them with your own eyes.


In my opinion, it is better to travel physically than virtually. Firstly, real travelling gives you an opportunity to perceive things immediately. Immediate perception wakes stronger emotions and gives deeper impressions. Secondly, real travelling means contacting different people. The more people you get to know the better you understand their culture, customs and traditions.


But there are people who prefer virtual travelling to the real thing, because it is cheaper and faster. So, if you want to visit a place abroad, you just launch a browser, type in the request and at once get many pages showing what you want to see. Nevertheless, I cannot support this idea of travelling because I strongly believe that our reality is much more exciting than the virtual world.


To sum it up, if I had to decide about different types of travelling, I would prefer the real thing. I am an active person and deny doing something passively.


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