Эссе по английскому "The production and sale of genetically-modified food should be banned"

In an effort to improve our food supply, scientists have discovered ways to genetically modify food so that it grows faster and is less susceptible to disease. But should the production and sale of genetically-modified food be banned?


In my opinion, I would prefer that producing and selling this type of food was banned. I don’t think that we should be consuming something that has been changed genetically. It is difficult to know what this is going to do to our bodies, and the quality of the food may suffer as well. Even if it tastes the same, it could cause problems in our bodies, such as cancer or other ailments.


But some people believe that we should allow genetically-modified food to be produced and sold. They feel this way because we have food shortages in the world, and if science can allow us to increase our food supply, we should explore the option.


While I agree with this intention, I think that there must be a better way to handle food shortages than modifying the genetics of food. We could develop better farming techniques, or start producing more food in cities.


In conclusion, my opinion is that we should not be consuming genetically-modified foods, so they should not be made available to consumers. We should only eat foods that are as nature intended them to be.


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