Эссе по английскому "The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind"

Nowadays, almost every home has access to the Internet. We use the Internet for various purposes: gaining necessary information, taking part in communities, and even making money.


In my opinion, modern life can hardly be imagined without the world-wide web. The Internet can be helpful to everybody, including students. Firstly, students can use the Internet for learning purposes. I suppose that it is the strongest reason why they should get access to the Internet. Thousands websites place a mass of good information at the disposal of any person interested in mathematics, chemistry, foreign languages, etc. Many school teachers create special resources for their students. Secondly, the Internet offers a wide range of leisure opportunities. You can get in touch with your friends and send them e-mail messages, picture-cards, photos. You can make new friends from the whole world. The Internet offers a wonderful solution to the problem of loneliness.


Notwithstanding the advantages, the Internet implies serious risks. I think that dating websites pose a real risk to the teenagers. On the one hand, dating websites give you a chance to find a friend who you have much in common with. On the other hand, your new friend may turn out not to be a person you’d like to communicate with. What is more, it is quite possible that your new friend is a criminal. Such contacts may be very dangerous to you. Another grave disadvantage of the Internet is the presence of much information that can hurt your psyche and even body. I mean pornography, publication of possible ways of suicide or buying and taking drugs.


In my opinion, the quality of information must be one of the top national priorities. It is necessary to pass laws to prevent harmful information from spreading. Much needs to be done to enforce the laws. Internet providers should have a concern in the quality of information being transmitted through their channels.


To sum it up, modern people are in great need of the Internet. But strong measures must be taken to protect them from bad information. If such measures are taken, the Internet will be safe.


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