Эссе по английскому "Team sports help people develop a stronger character than individual sports do"

There are many benefits to playing both team and individual sports. Apart from getting some exercise and improving your physical abilities, you can learn about your strengths and weakness and feel great about your accomplishments on the track or field. However, some people believe that team sports help develop a person’s character better.


In my opinion, individual sports develop a stronger character than team sports do. I believe that an individual sport gives you the opportunity to perform according to your own schedule and particular skills set. It also teaches you to motivate and challenge yourself. For example, if you’re practicing for a race, you can time yourself and then you can try to beat your own running time.


Others believe that team sports are more beneficial because they teach you how to cooperate with other people, and how to work for common goals. They also teach you leadership, if you happen to be the captain, or how to follow another person’s instructions. These are valuable lessons that can help build character.


I think for some people, though, this type of sport doesn’t work very well. Some people are too independent to perform this way. That doesn’t mean that they can’t develop a strong character. You can learn lessons about determination, pushing yourself and developing skill and talent from individual sports.


In conclusion, I believe that team sports aren’t always best for helping a person develop a strong character. Individual sports can do so as well. I think people have to find a sport they enjoy and excel at doing that.


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