Эссе по английскому "Studying online is better than going to a regular class"

The modern world is experiencing great changes in almost every sphere of life including education. Nowadays, young people have a variety of educational systems. Online classes are becoming more and more popular.


As for me, I believe that studying online is better than going to a regular class. First of all, it allows you to choose the time when to take a lesson. For example, many people do not like to keep early hours, and it would be better for them to learn something in the afternoon or in the evening. Online education gives them such an opportunity. What is more, you can choose the place where to study. Whether it is a cosy room of yours or your grandparents’ country house, nothing can prevent you from learning.


It is also true that there are people who prefer going to a regular class. They need not only pure knowledge but also live communication with other students and teachers.


Nevertheless, I see no point in going to a regular school for keeping personal contacts. There are better places to meet friends and discuss things with them.


In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the fact than the world is progressing at high speed, and online educational platforms are a wonderful result of this progress. People should use them as much as possible to their advantage.


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