Эссе по английскому "Some people think that you can have only one true friend"

Friendship is one of the greatest phenomena of people’s life. The true friend is always ready to help and support us in any situation. Is it possible to have many true friends?


In my opinion, everyone can have a lot of unfailing friends. In the first place, I strongly believe that the truth of friendship depends mostly on you and on your attitude to others. If you are reliable and sincere, you can expect others to be the same for you. In addition to it, I can tell from my own experience that it is possible to have more than one true friend.


However, there are some people who think that you can have only one faithful friend. They are convinced that the more connections you have the less faithfulness you get. As far as I am concerned, I cannot agree with these people because friendship is not what you get but it is what you create. Having many true friends is an achievable goal. If you want to make friends with many persons, you need to make an effort to progress on this way.


In conclusion I would like to emphasize the fact that friendship is a multi-aspect thing, and it is rather difficult to discuss. Anyway, I still believe that the idea of having many true friends is absolutely realistic.


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