Эссе по английскому "Some people prefer to have big families, but the others come to nothing more than only one child"

Family is a basic constituent of any nation. The well-being of the nation depends on the well-being of each family. A lot of factors make a family happy, and children are among of them. But how many children do a family need to be perfectly happy?


In my opinion, parents should have three children. I consider it to be the optimum number of kids. Firstly, in this case parents contribute to population growth in the country. The demographic depression is really the case of many countries. Secondly, the children grown not all alone are more sociable and less egoistic. Thirdly, a child from a big family has a better chance to succeed in life because his siblings are willing to help.


There is no doubt that big families have their disadvantages as well. In the first place, it is worth mentioning that big families are noisy. It’s pretty hard to find peace and quiet. In this respect, small families receive a benefit. In addition to it, the more children you have, the more conflicts you get. Your children may have vastly different interests. For example, some want to read a book and others switch on the television at the same time. However that may be, loneliness is much worse than conflicts of interests. If parents teach their children how to get along with each other critical moments will be avoided.


To sum it up, it goes without saying that a big family is good. But, you must regard things in a sober light. It would be sensible to assess the suitability for having children first. If you have enough time, patience, wisdom, and money, don’t hesitate to give birth to children.


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