Эссе по английскому "School leavers should take a gap year before entering university"

Many high school students take a gap year before entering university. This is a year in which they usually travel abroad and see the world to broaden their horizons. However, some people believe it’s better for them to go straight to university.


In my opinion, a gap year is a perfect opportunity for a young person to learn new things about life. Our educational system teaches students many useful subjects, but some things are only learnt by the experiences you face in life, such as doing things on your own and finding your way around a new place. Also, the cultural experience of visiting somewhere different from your home country is very valuable. You can learn phrases from a foreign language and try out new customs and traditions.


Some people believe you should start university directly after finishing school. I imagine this is because the sooner you start university, the faster you’ll finish and be able to find a job. Also, there may be a fear that your gap year will turn into two, or that you will never attend university.


While those are important things to consider, I don’t agree with this view. The lessons you learn on a gap year can prepare you for life in a way that university cannot. Also, with some discipline, you should be able to do a gap year, then go to university.


In conclusion, a gap year can provide young people with unique experiences, which they will remember and appreciate for life.


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