Эссе по английскому "Pushing children to achieve robs them of their childhood"

Our world has become very competitive, and many parents want to do their best to prepare their children for success in life. Do parents push their children too hard when they’re young, taking away a happy childhood in the process?


In my opinion, I do not think that pushing your children to succeed robs them of their childhood. Children need a bit of pressure from their parents, in order to get their homework done and to do a good job with it. Also, parental pressure can help children do other things they might not do on their own, such as participate in sport or music.


But some people think that pushing children to achieve takes away all the things that are fun about being a child. They believe that pressure leaves children no time to play, meaning that they might grow up to be unhappy adults with emotional problems.


I disagree with this view because I think that parents can find a balance between pushing their children to succeed and allowing them to have some play time. I believe that most parents realise that their children need some time to just be kids. Therefore, parents will work to make sure their children have both pressure and fun.


In conclusion, I think parental pressure is beneficial for children to succeed in life. There’s enough time for working hard, even with play time included.


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