Эссе по английскому "People shouldn’t be allowed to work from home because it’s less productive than being in the office"

More and more people are working from home rather than in an office. It has become easier to work at home because your work can be done on a computer and emailed into the office. But is this good for productivity?


In my opinion, someone working from home can be just as productive as someone who works in an office. For example, if you have to finish a project by a certain date, then you know it has to be done and you’ll do whatever it takes to finish it, but you are more relaxed and you avoid wasting time travelling.


Some people believe that those who work from home are not really working a lot of the time. They think they’re spending time hanging out in cafes or shopping. They also think there are too many distractions at home, like children or pets, to allow you to do much work.


I do not believe this is true because many people work from home and still carry out their roles successfully. If they did not finish their work, would not they be fired? That is proof that you can be productive at home. Also, I think there are many distractions in an office, too, such as people visiting you at your desk, your phone ringing, emails arriving, and so forth.


In conclusion, I think there are advantages and disadvantages wherever you work, but overall you can be just as productive at home as you would be in an office.


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