Эссе по английскому "People have become too dependent on technology"

These days, people use technology to do many things. They use computers at work, mobile phones for communication, and television to watch programs. These devices are useful, but have people become too dependent on them?


In my opinion, people spend too much time using these devices, and in fact, they use them more than they use their minds. For example, people often use a calculator just to do simple maths, but it’s something they could do in their head. Another example is the Internet. People spend so much time on it; their social life begins to suffer. They have substituted Facebook for a real social life.


On the other hand, I would agree that some things can only be done with a device. Most of the work carried out in offices is done by computers. If we returned to the old ways of doing things, business would slow down. Also, mobile phones make it much easier to keep in touch with other people, especially when we’re away from home.


Despite those advantages, I believe people have become too dependent on technology. Their minds have become weaker as a result, and without technology, they will find things harder. There are also physical concerns with using technology too much, such as having pains in your wrist or putting strain on your eyes.


In conclusion, while I think technology is useful, people have to be careful that they don’t use it too much. They will begin to forget that there are some things they can and should do themselves.


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