Эссе по английскому "Only people who earn a lot of money can be successful"

All people in the world want to be successful. Most of them are convinced that success means much money.


In my opinion, money is not a complete success. People who earn a lot of money may be narrow-minded, dull, disrespected, etc. They also may not be accepted by society. For example, drug barons are usually very rich but their occupation is disgusting. They sell drugs and destroy people’s body and mind. How can it be a success? Absolutely not. I strongly believe that really successful people are responsible for the part they play in the world.


But there are people who consider money the true criterion of success. They claim that making little money means having nothing valuable, which no one wants to pay you for. But I cannot support this point of view because there are occupations that are not meant to make you rich. If you are a teacher, you may be very successful because your students get good results. At the same time, pedagogical work will not turn you into a millionaire.


To sum it up, I would like to emphasize the fact that a successful person may or may not earn a lot of money. But he or she is always aware of what he or she is doing. Successful people are always responsible for the world they live in.


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