Эссе по английскому "Not anyone who knows a foreign language can be an interpreter"

But, in my opinion, not everyone who has learned a foreign language can work as an interpreter. Firstly, an interpreter should not only be an expert in languages, but also have a thorough knowledge of other aspects of life. His work is not confined only to one subject. The work of interpreters is unpredictable. For example, they work at a motor show on one day and take part at a socio-political forum on the other one. Interpreters should know everything in general outline and command a large vocabulary.


Secondly, in addition to intellectual facilities, the psyche of an interpreter should be very stable. As is often the case, interpreters work in hospitals. Here they see blood, pain, and suffering. If they can’t stand it all, they will hardly do their job well. Besides, the psyche of interpreters must be very flexible when the matter concerns a simultaneous translation. Interpreters should control several simultaneous processes: listening, comprehension, putting the information into a target language. Great mastery is required of interpreters in this kind of work. Thirdly, I think, interpreters should be physically strong to work under much stress. For example, they must endure foreign climate of both tropical and northern countries.


However, there are people who consider just speaking a foreign language to be enough for the work of an interpreter. They guess that it is the language that is the hardest thing to master. But I don’t share their point of view. Learning a foreign language can be easy if properly done. But having specific abilities required in interpreting is not a sure thing.


To sum it up, if you want to be an interpreter you’d better concentrate on both learning a foreign language and becoming a comprehensively developed person.


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