Эссе по английскому "More and more people are choosing to live in cities"

Nowadays, there’s a tendency for active young people to leave rural areas for towns and cities. That is the reason why the population of the villages is thinning down now. Only senior people stay at their country homes because they cannot adapt themselves to the frenzied rhythm of the urban life.


In my opinion, living in a city is much more preferable to living in out-of-the-way rural places. Firstly, cities have more opportunities for self-actualization. Here you can make a career as an office worker, start your own business, or devote yourself to science. Secondly, cities have more recreational facilities: parks, museums, cinemas, sports centers, etc. Thirdly, it is much easier to make new friends and spend free time socializing.


However, cities have a big minus point making some people take up residence in the country. I mean environmental problems. As a rule, cities have big factories and industrial enterprises damaging the urban environment. This adversely affects people’s health causing serious diseases like cancer, asthma, and others. Nevertheless, you can stay healthy even in bad conditions if you have a regular prophylactic medical examination, keep to a diet, do regular exercise, and lead a moderate lifestyle.


To sum it up, no doubt cities have more plus points in comparison with villages. If you want to develop yourself and have the benefit of modern progress, you should definitely choose to live in cities.


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