Эссе по английскому "Life is becoming more and more dangerous"

Life is not fixed, and our living conditions are constantly changing. The question is whether they are changing for the better or the worse.


In my opinion, life is becoming increasingly dangerous. Firstly, technological progress brings new kinds of weapon into the world. Many countries invent new guns, tanks, bombers, warships and so on. All these things are supposed to kill more people at a time. In addition to it, many countries have a lot of nuclear missiles, which are on standby in case of war. Secondly, environmental problems are becoming more severe. We breathe bad air and drink disgusting water. The ozone layer is being destroyed, and we are exposed to direct solar radiation. As a result, more people are taken ill with serious and incurable diseases.


But there are people who do not see life worsening every second. They are convinced that people are safe on this planet. There is enough fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, good medication to cure diseases. And people are smart enough to hold back from using mass destruction weapon. Nevertheless I cannot be in favour of this point of view because I tend to think that abundance of resources is illusive. In fact, resources are limited. And honestly, I do not believe in good nature of most people who make wars in every corner.


To sum it up, our world is on the way to its end. It does not mean that people will die tomorrow, but I doubt that they will survive to the next millennium.


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