Эссе по английскому "Just as teachers assess their students, so students should assess their teachers"

It is a teacher’s job to assess students’ performance in class. They must mark students’ work and give them feedback on their progress. Should students also be allowed to assess their teachers on their performance?


I believe it would be a good idea for students to assess their teachers. The learning process never really stops for any of us, and teachers could use feedback from their students in order to learn if they’re doing the right thing, or if something isn’t working.


But some people believe this process would be a waste of time. A teacher is a trained professional, and students are the ones who are doing the learning. Also, a student could say something unfair about the teacher because they may not like the teacher. This may be because the student received a bad mark, which wasn’t the teacher’s fault.


Nonetheless, I think teachers could benefit from student feedback. For one thing, students have a different view of the classroom to the teacher. Also, no one is perfect, and teachers make mistakes just like students do. With students assessing teachers, teachers can learn from their students’ unique perspectives.


To sum up, I believe it would be a useful process for students to tell their teachers how they’re doing. It could be something done at the end of the year, or teachers could ask students in the classroom from time to time what they think about the lessons and encourage them to speak up about it.


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