Эссе по английскому "It is better to learn distantly than to go to traditional school"

Technological progress has caused an argument about education. The thing is that some people believe that distant learning is better, and other people stick to the point that going to school is the only way to get good education.


In my opinion distant learning is a great alternative to classic lessons, because it has a huge number of benefits. Firstly, our society has a lot of physically challenged people. They may have serious health problems or feel uncomfortable in a group of people. Distant education really helps them out. Secondly, distant education gives us an opportunity to gain knowledge wherever we want. It is a great way-out for people who want to get education in a foreign country but do not want to leave their home or just cannot do it.


But despite all these pluses some people do not take distant education seriously. They say that quality of distant learning is really low, because when we are at home, we are not much concentrated and we are too relaxed.


I disagree with the foregoing statement and still consider distant learning to be better. I am convinced that it is easier to analyze information and to learn something when you are relaxed and there is nothing disturbing you.


To sum it up, I would like to say that distant learning has a huge number of advantages and it gives us many possibilities, but everyone is free to choose a way of education they prefer.


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