Эссе по английскому "It is better to be a leader of a group than to be a simple member"

All members of our society can be divided into two categories – leaders and ordinary members. Their functions, levels of responsibility and rewards are different. While leaders usually have high standards of living, ordinary people do with limited amenities of life.


In my opinion, it is better to play a leading part in a group than to be in a subordinate situation. Firstly, a leader has more opportunities to do good to people. He/she can allocate more funds for education, health protection, housing, etc. Also, it is easier for them to take initiatives and put them into effect because they have all the necessary resources in hand. Secondly, leaders are better-paid and more respected. They can get much more from life than others.


But there are people who consider leadership a tall order that is why they prefer doing minor tasks. They explain their position with enormous responsibility that waits upon a leader. If a leader makes a mistake, he/she incurs an inevitable punishment.


Nevertheless, I cannot take the foregoing stand, because a smart leader always cares about development of his/her managing skills to avoid mistakes and punishment.


In conclusion, I want to emphasize the fact that being some sort of superior is a difficult and, at the same time, rewarding task. It gives meaning to your life and fills you with a sense of accomplishment.


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