Эссе по английскому "Governments should limit the size of sugary drink containers in order to improve public health"

Whenever you visit a supermarket, there is always a huge selection of soft drinks. These drinks are popular because they’re full of sugar, which makes them taste great. It’s become a problem for some people who have gained weight from drinking them. So, should governments limit the size of the containers these drinks are sold in?


In my opinion, governments should not be involved with limiting the sizes of the beverages we consume. We should have the right to choose what we want to drink and how much of it we want to consume. It is a freedom of choice that everyone should be able to practice.


I think some people believe that governments should have a hand in our health choices. They believe that people cannot make proper choices for themselves, so someone else has to make choices for them. This attitude assumes that people cannot be responsible with what they consume.


I believe the problem with governments trying to limit our choices is that besides taking freedoms away, it probably would not work anyway. What is to stop people buying two or more drinks at once? It would be better if governments promoted healthy dietary habits, rather than trying to stop people from consuming too much of something.


In conclusion, I believe that people should be allowed to buy whatever size of sugary drinks they want. It depends on them to be responsible for themselves, and the role of governments should be to positively influence our consumption habits, not restrict them.


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