Эссе по английскому "Good books are those books that all people like and understand"

Nowadays there is a great variety of literary writings varying in genre, volume, conceptual meaning, and so on. Some of them are recognized as good and worth reading without fail. But the question is how people manage to grade books and select good ones.


In my opinion, the rating of good books should be independent of the fact whether they are liked and understood by everyone. In this case, I would prefer to take a real book as the weightiest argument for my idea. So, everybody knows “War and Peace” written by Tolstoy. It is the fact that this novel is good in many aspects. But most people hate to read it. That is why we cannot consider people’s tastes and ability to understand things to be the criterion for grading books. In addition to it, a good book should solve important problems and not just satisfy somebody’s taste and suit somebody’s intellectual abilities.


However, a lot of people believe that books loved and understood by everyone can be good. They fall back on the idea that all people cannot be in the wrong.


Nevertheless, I cannot adopt the above mentioned point of view because a lot of facts are known when beliefs of a single person turned out to be true, disproving the majority opinion.


To sum it up, good books are not necessarily a great favorite of all people but they are conceptually great and important for humanity.


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