Эссе по английскому "Filmgoers should rely on reviews when choosing a film to see"

Going to the cinema is a popular pastime that nearly everyone loves doing. It seems that every week, a dozen new films are released, and filmgoers are curious about which ones are worth seeing. Should filmgoers rely on reviews when choosing a film to see?


I believe filmgoers should see films they want to see and ignore the reviews from critics. Seeing a film is always a great experience, in my opinion. Sometimes you go to see a film that’s not very good, but there’s often something to enjoy about it, even if it’s just having a fun time with friends. Also, seeing it for yourself gives you the opportunity to form your own opinion about it.


But some people only watch films that have had good reviews. They won’t go to see films that have had negative reviews because they feel that they will have a bad experience, and they don’t want to waste their money.


I disagree with this viewpoint because I think reviews about films can be rather harsh. I’ve seen films that have had bad reviews and I didn’t agree with the critics. Also, I think when you see a trailer and you’re excited to see the film, you should just go, and not worry about what critics think.


In conclusion, I don’t think film goers should rely on reviews when choosing films to see. People should just take their chances and try to enjoy something about the film, even if it’s not a great film.


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