Эссе по английскому "Fast food kills national culinary traditions"

Fast food is a fast-growing industry including thousands of restaurants and cafes throughout the country. It may seem that fast food is killing national culinary traditions.


In my opinion, there is no real reason to worry about traditional eating habits. Fast food cannot substitute Russian food, and there is a number of good reasons for that. Firstly, sandwiches, hot-dogs and the like are not as delicious as, for example, the Russian borscht with natural ingredients. Secondly, fast food is mostly about eating sandwiches and drinking soda whereas Russian cuisine abounds in dishes of all kinds. In Russian restaurants, you can make a feast of fruit and vegetable salads, soups, fish and meat dishes, etc.


However, there are people who are convinced that national culinary traditions will inevitably be pushed to the sidelines. They believe that fast food goes very well with modern lifestyle, which is becoming busier as the days go by.


Nevertheless, I do not hold the above-mentioned viewpoint because of the fact that modern people are mostly health-conscious and they are choosy about food. They are aware of harmfulness of fast food and tend to stick to national culinary.


To sum it up, I want you to mind the food you eat and to give priority to the national cuisine you are accustomed to.


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