Эссе по английскому "Every city and every town should have a zoo"

It is always fun to visit a zoo. Both children and grown-ups like to watch different animals: mammals, reptiles and others. The problem is that not every city and every town has a zoo.


In my opinion, we do not have to build a zoo on every place where people live. Firstly, there are regions where animals will not live. For example, northern parts of our country lack comfortable conditions for most of animals to live. It is very cold there, and you cannot provide enough food for them. Secondly, building a zoo wherever you want is economically unjustified. Many populated localities are so small that there are not enough people who would like to pay money for visiting the zoo.


But it goes without saying that zoos are not only a funny attraction but also a kind of education. It gives positive emotions as well as useful and interesting information about the animal world. That is why a lot of people want to have a zoo built in every city and town.


Nevertheless, I cannot support this idea. If you want to know more about animality, you can use the Internet as an inexhaustible source of information: you can read thousands of pages and watch videos on youtube.


In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the fact that any zoo is great, but you should not build zoos in every city and every town.


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