Эссе по английскому "Does love at first sight really exist? Is it a charming romantic fiction or a reality?"

Love is a nice feeling that is the reason of durable family ties. If two persons love each other they are much more likely to reach mutual understanding and overcome difficulties of life.


My opinion is sure not to sound romantic as I don’t believe in love at first sight. I am completely convinced that a spontaneous love doesn’t exist at all. Firstly, you can hardly discover the depth of your new friend’s heart at first sight. You need to enter long relations before you know each other well. It always takes time for a person to demonstrate his character. Secondly, love is tested by time. A pair of sweethearts should live together for a period to know each other from experience. The true love will help the couple to pass all the tests of life and prevent it from breaking up.


However, there are some people who consider the love at first sight to be real. They provide examples from belles-lettres or even from the real life. In my opinion, we should hold the examples from belles-lettres as artificially made-up since they are made-up indeed. As regards the real life examples, it may happen by a lucky chance.


To sum it up, belief in love at first sight is a sign of romantic and even immature attitude to life. Those who really believe in this kind of love will be bitterly disappointed in the course of time.


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