Эссе по английскому "Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour"

We cannot imagine our life without clothes, the main function of which is protective. Clothes protect us from cold and hot weather, from rain and snow and from other negative effects of the environment. Also, clothes are considered to influence people’s behaviour.


In my opinion, it is really the fact that we feel and act differently in different clothes. We can get more focused and organised or, on the contrary, more relaxed depending on what we wear. For example, many schools encourage their pupils to wear a uniform to make them more concentrated on study. A number of businesses have a dress code for their staff members to impel them to work better and be more productive.


But there are people who claim that clothes cannot influence people’s behaviour. They are convinced that the way we act depends only on our thoughts and feelings. So, if you feel depressed, you are slow and careless of your manners. Your walk is rickety and your movements are hit-or-miss.


I cannot agree with the aforesaid reasoning because many psychologists come up with the idea that bright clothes can bring you to rights. If you are in low spirits, it is recommended that you should go shopping for varicolored clothes, which will improve your mood and, consequently, will change your behave our for the better.


In conclusion, I would like to stress the importance of being aware of what you wear, because clothes and behaviour are interrelated.


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