Эссе по английскому "Children should be able to choose which subjects to learn at school"

At school children are supposed to learn many subjects. Most of them are compulsory, that is why boys and girls often make a stand against them and say they want to choose subjects on their own.


In my opinion, children should not be allowed to choose subjects to learn. Firstly, schoolboys and schoolgirls are too young to understand which subjects they really need. Instead of mathematics, physics, languages they may prefer easier subjects such as physical education, safety of living, geography. After finishing school, the chances are that children will want to enter a technical university to become engineers, but it will be impossible for them to do because they will not know mathematics and physics, and they will not be able to pass the exams. Secondly, school must give children comprehensive knowledge so that they become more adapted to many-sided real life.


But there are people who are convinced that children should be given more freedom in choosing what they want to learn. Children are declared to be independent beings and free to express their will. No one has the right to dictate his or her will on them.


Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the foregoing statement, because I strongly believe that people must control their will and be responsible for their decisions. Due to their age, young people are not yet ready to answer for what they decide, so they need reasonable guidance of grown-ups.


To sum it up, all children must attend school and learn as many subjects as possible on a compulsory basis.


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