Диалог на английском с аудио «Sightseeing in Town»


Man: So, what do you want to do tomorrow?


Woman: Well, let’s look at this city guide here. [Okay] Uh, here’s something interesting. [Oh!]Why don’t we first visit the art museum in the morning?


Man: Okay. I like that idea. And where do you want to eat lunch?


Woman: How about going to an Indian restaurant? [Humm] The guide recommends one downtown a few blocks from the museum.


Man: Now that sounds great. After that, what do you think about visiting the zoo? [Oh . . umm . . well . . . ] Well, it says here that there are some very unique animals not found anywhere else.


Woman: Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not really interested in going there. [Really?]. Yeah. Why don’t we go shopping instead? There are supposed to be some really nice places to pick up souvenirs.


Man: Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We only have few travelers checks left, and I only have fifty dollars left in cash.


Woman: No problem. We can use YOUR credit card to pay for MY new clothes.


Man: Oh, no. I remember the last time you used MY credit card for YOUR purchases.


Woman: Oh well. Let’s take the subway down to the seashore and walk along the beach.


Man: Now that sounds like a wonderful plan.


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