Диалог на английском с аудио «Party Time»


Jori: Hi Dave. [Hi] Happy to see you could make it. Come on in.


Dave: Wow. Looks like the party is in full swing.


Jori: Yeah. And they’re eating me out of house and home. Oh, I’d like you to meet my sister, Carol. She’s visiting for the weekend.


Dave: Oh. Which one is she?


Jori: She’s sitting on the sofa over there.


Dave: You mean the woman wearing the red sweater with the long black hair?


Jori: Yeah. That’s right. Let me introduce you to her. I just know you two will hit it off. You’re both so outgoing and adventurous.


Dave: Uh, and who’s the man sitting next to her? Uh, the man with the suit jacket and flashy green tie?


Jori: Oh, that’s Bob, my karate teacher.


Dave: Karate teacher! I never knew you were into karate.


Jori: Yeah, I started about two months ago. Come on. I’d like you to meet them.


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