Урок 9. Объяснение /Lesson 9. Explanation/


Hi! It’s time to continue our getting acquainted with new interesting and useful phrases from the conversation you heard. So, let’s get started!


Christmas is almost here – this means that Christmas will come very soon.


Get to go to – means have an opportunity to go somewhere.


Have your wish – do you have a wish? Well, it’s time to have it realized.


Dancing before my eyes – we say this when things are flashing before eyes. It seems like they are dancing.

As shiny as in the daytime – the illumination in the city makes it bright even at night, just like during the daytime.


I wish we had been here – if you are sorry, if you regret that you could not be present somewhere, you can say – I wish I had been there.


Gazing around – it’s like looking around with astonishment and admiration.


Hold tight – it means to take something, for example, somebody’s hand and do not let it go – to hold tight.


Wander off – to get lost, to lose one’s way, to astray, to miss the way.


I’m not about – I am not going to do something; I have no plans or intentions to do something.


Release one’s fast hold on somebody’s hand – to leave hold of somebody’s hand, not to hold it anymore.


In this welter – in this chaos, in this crowd, in this mess and all of the kind. This is what the phrase means.


It takes my breath away – I am so much surprised, I admire, I delight. My emotions are so strong that all this takes my breath away.


Blare and bustle – you say this to express mess, chaos, rush and buzz. Very often, they say it in relation to big cities, for example, a big city’s blare and bustle.


Beat – means win, surpass, leave behind.


Be home-sick – when you are away from your home, from your relative and close people, after a while, you will surely miss all of that, you will become home-sick.


It’s enough here to drive you wild – there are so many things here that may annoy, that may disturb, that may make you crazy and nervous – drive you wild.


Oh dear! – it’s an exclamation expressing strong emotions such as surprise, astonishment, excitement and all of the kind.


Get a good many likes – now, at the time of the Internet and social networks, many people post pictures or information on their pages and get likes, signs of approval from other people. And when you get a good many likes, you may be really happy. Such is our world is today!


To tune in to the rhythm and vibe – to get accustomed, to get on well, to form a habit and get adjusted for living and dealing in a new situation and environment.


Southrons – people from the South of the USA.


There’s no competing with – we say this when we admit that we cannot compete with somebody. When we understand that we don’t have enough power and resources to win.


Running around like a scalded cat – means to rush, to run very fast everywhere, to hustle or to be in flurry.


I hardly keep pace with you – you can use this phrase when while walking together with your friend, her or she is walking too fast. It’s like a hint to walk more slowly.


To flow in – just like a small brook joins a river, a person can flow into the stream of life in a new place. This means to get accustomed, get used to it.


It jolly well isn’t worth it – when you don’t feel any need in something you can use this phrase to refuse.


Not long now… – something will finish very soon or, will not last long.


I was too hasty when – this is to express that I did not think well enough to take the right decision.


Stay the pace – means be like other, go as fast as others.


You shouldn’t have said this – if you regret that someone said something, you can say this phrase in order to express your feeling and point out that this person said wrong things.


Cop out of – to escape something.


The din of the city – today, we already talked about big cities and their fuss, mess, chaos and so on. Well, this phrase relates to this stuff too and means “big noise” of the city.


Savagesse – it’s a wild woman.


Let it slip – when you don’t want to say something, but, nevertheless, you do this, then you let the words slip.


It bids fair to be a fantabulous view – when you are sure that the view will be very beautiful you can use this beautiful phrase, which will beautify your speech for sure. A bit of tautology will do here, I am sure. I’m kidding.


Well, I am happy we’ve learnt some more new words and I wish you success in your studying English. Stay with us and succeed in your life! Bye-bye!


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