Урок 8. Объяснение /Lesson 8. Explanation/


Hello! How is your studying English going on? Very well, I hope. As this is what I am here for and am ready to present some new phrases and words from the conversation you listened to before. Well, here we go.


A nasty turn in the weather – is when the weather gets worse, it starts raining, snowing and all of the kind.


Chilled – if you go somewhere when it’s cold outside, you’ll surely arrive to the place all chilled… and may be your mood will not be very good.


Drenched to the skin – if, additionally to the cold weather, it’s raining outside, and what is more, if it’s a violent downpour of rain, you’ll arrive all drenched to the skin – what means there will be no dry space on you, everything on you will be wet.


Swarms of people – in other words, it’s a crowd of people, too much people.


Heat slackened – in the summer, when it’s really very hot outside, it’s not always that much good. But when it gets cooler – or – the heat slackens – it becomes much better.


Nothing whatever but – nothing happens or exists somewhere except something special.


No way without – when you hear – no way without something – this means that this something is really very important, one cannot do without this something.


A big win in the plus column – this expression means literally – a big advantage, a great plus.


Stretch too far – means to exaggerate, to worry too much about something, to give too much importance for some facts or situations and overreact to these facts or situations.


Families poured out into the streets – this means that people run out into the streets, for example, to enjoy beautiful weather or something else.


Snow flurry – it’s a light snow with small and rare snowflakes falling down from the sky.


Sift down – usually, flour can be sifted, but often, when it’s a light snow, we can say that it is sifted down.


I wish it would be snowing – you’ll say that to express that you want snow. You want to see and enjoy the snowing weather.


Make a snow angel – it’s a very popular entertainment, it is a design, made in fresh snow, by lying on one’s back and moving one’s arms up and down and one’s legs from side to side, to form the shape of an angel. Children like making snow angels very much.


Tune changing – in certain circumstances, you can change your way of speaking and thinking and this means – tune changing.


Skunk – means – to win in a certain competition, beat someone.


Get talking – means have a talk incidentally.


Kind of a hint – when somebody want to say something in other words, to make a shadow.


We’re in with – we are good friends with somebody, we made friends and are getting on well.


Rave of color – it is a beautiful combination of different colors that impresses imagination and makes people enjoy the scenery.


Wind is rising – wind is getting stronger.


Rain is getting heavier – rain is getting stronger.


Grow envious – when you grow envious, this means that you become more and more envious, jealous, you envy of somebody.


Treacherous – the general meaning of this word is – non reliable, unfaithful, trustless – but when we talk about the weather – we mean that it is changeable suddenly. You can know in advance what it will be the next time.


Have your car fixed – means take the car to the service so that specialists could fix, repair your car.


Is not long in coming – when something is not long in coming, this means that something may come very fast, it will not take long for it to come.


I so want to – means I want very much, I strive, I desire.


These are the new phrases and words I wanted to make you learn from the previous conversation. I’ll be waiting for you back soon. Take care and be happy!


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