Урок 6. Объяснение /Lesson 6. Explanation/


Hi! I’m happy and proud of the efforts you’re making to better your Spoken English and I’ve prepared some more good words and phrases from the conversation you just heard. Let’s go for it now!


The title of the conversation is — Traffic accident – and you know well, that is an accident, which occurs with cars on the road.


To flirt with the idea of – this nice and playful phrase has the following meaning: you want, you desire something, you are contemplating doing something but you haven’t come to the decision yet… and … you’re flirting with the idea of doing something.


To explore firsthand – it is always good to know and learn things personally, that is to say, to explore firsthand and not from the words of other people.


Good heavens! – is used to express surprise, astonishment, sometimes amazement, curiosity and wondering.


As if that wasn’t enough! – We say this, when something unexpected and undesired occurs. So many things have already happened and you don’t want anything more.


To descry – means to have a good sight and be able to see objects, especially from a great distance.


You must not – You may hear this phrase when you’re not allowed to go somewhere.


Pleasant fact. – a good fact, a good news, making us happy and satisfied.


What’s up – you wonder what is happening? Then ask somebody: “what’s up?” You can also use this phrase to greet somebody and ask how things are going on.


To question witnesses – means to ask somebody questions in relation to a situation or an event. It is often used in police terminology and stuff.


Nothing the matter with it – Everything is okay. Nothing serious or dangerous has happened.


To tow the damaged car off – after a car accident, it is needed to remove a damaged car from the road and take it to the car service, this is, to tow a damaged car.


To fail to control the car – very often, car accidents happen when drivers fail to control their car, they lose control, they are not able to drive the car properly and escape the car accident.


To graze a car – when you fail to control your car on the road, you may scratch and damage another car. And it’s not desirable, for sure.


To get off cheaply – It is really good when you hear this phrase when it comes to a traffic accident. This means that nobody and nothing are seriously hurt. It’s always good.


Knocked – it is a “damaged” car


A dent – it is a certain damage on a car body that requires fixing, of course.


Be pressed for time – means do not have enough time to do something, or have almost no time to something. You’d like to have more indeed.


No worries – it’s another version for “Don’t worry” … “Be happy” – how does the song sing?


Watch yourself. – be careful, don’t make mistakes… or else, it will be worse)


Joint! – this is a very bad place. I don’t recommend you to visit it)


Things got rolling – means, the action has started, everything is ok, everything is going on well, at last.


Reputable places. – these are good places, worth visiting and recommending.


To be easy – It is not to worry about something. There was a popular song: “Relax! Rake it easy!” Remember? This is it.


Quite a feat. — It is not a joke. I am not joking. I am not kidding. I am completely serious.


You never know – indeed, we cannot predict our future and we should be ready to everything… of course, it’s better to expect some good and pleasant things. But, you never know.


Things can’t be all that bad – means I believe that all is better than described, I am an optimist and I want to see and wait for better events.


I don’t feel like thinking of – I don’t want to think or talk about something. I don’t feel this desire.


At times, — it is just the same as sometimes, seldom, from time to time.


Meseems – You know the phrase “it seems to me”. Well, meseems is an informal style.


The most expensive line of the budget. – The line of the budget is expenses for a certain object.


Right and left. – means everywhere you want, at the first available place.


Vacant space – this is the space that is not occupied by anybody.


So much for – we say this when we want to stop something determinately, just like in our conversation. But also, the meaning of the phrase may express our disappointment with some events or situations. Example: so much for his promise – I will not trust him anymore.


Don’t be sulky – means — don’t be gloomy, don’t be moody. Cheer up and become merry.


Well, it’s over for this conversation. I was happy to work with you now. Thank you for your precious attention and come back sooner! I’ll be waiting for you.


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