Урок 3. Объяснение /Lesson 3. Explanation/


Well, here it’s me again. And I am about to explain some more words and phrases that you met in the conversation.


Let’s start with – chocked up – meaning full of furniture, for example, or bags, or suitcases… anything.


I’m flying – I’m hurrying, I’m running fast, I’m almost here.


Come to the rescue of – a really good phrase and it means save somebody from trouble. A glorious knight comes to the rescue of his lady.


Be unable to make head or tail of – this means not be able to distinguish, do not know something, be not good at something, do not understand something


Here we go again! – when your partner started a topic or action again you can say this, and this will mean that you don’t want and are not happy to continue discussion or action. You ask your partner to stop.


You mark my words – in other words, simply, remember my words


Lunker – this is something of a very big size, something very huge, heavy and large


be a worry to – if we say that something is a worry to us, we mean that it will be difficult and make lots of trouble for us


End of subject! – I don’t want to discuss this question any more. Let’s stop talking about it. I will not change my mind.


see that – this phrase means to make sure things will go right, to control the process


not lose – in our dialogue, this means that we’ll have it. We’ll not lose something – we will be lucky to have it.


it’s time to be going – it is time to go


Who would have thought about it…? – this exclamation says that it’s unbelievable, nobody could imagine that


owe as per meter? – when you travel by taxi you pay as per meter and this phrase is used to ask a taxi driver about how much you should pay for the trip


keep the change – we should be generous, in many countries it is polite and normal not to take change back when you’re paying for some services, such in a restaurant and stuff like this.


I’m for it! – I completely agree! This is a good idea! – this is what we mean by saying this phrase.


Feels like – I have a feeling that, I think that and all of the kind. When we assume or suggest something, we use this phrase.


to intrude – this verb means getting into somewhere without permit and always, when somebody intrudes, he/she certainly is going to do some harm, generally.


could do with some drink now. – Use this when you want to express your desire such as “I could do with a sandwich”


Oh dear.. – this exclamation is used to render your emotions, most often they are negative, it may be also a surprise and so on.


Thanks for your attention. Will be glad to see you again very soon! Stay with Real Language Club!


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