Урок 15. Объяснение /Lesson 15. Explanation/


Hi again! And again we are here to get acquainted with more new words that we heard in the conversation.


The first phrase is – a bright spot – and its meaning is almost the same as a festal occasion, it is a day, which is important in one’s life.


To celebrate the occasion – when we have an occasion, an important event, a bright spot in our life, we should celebrate it, that means, to go to a restaurant, to give gifts to each other, to make a party and invite guests. Different people celebrate their occasions in different ways.


Dinner gown – it is a beautiful evening dress suitable for festal occasions.


Fixed time – this is the day and the hour agreed to a certain event.


Fair one – the meaning of this word is “beloved”, “loved one”, a woman with whom a man is in love.


I’m excited to know – I want to know this as soon as possible, I can’t wait knowing this.


Frog restaurant – this is a very nice and funny name for the restaurants with French cuisine.


Manly man – it means – a real man, a strong and brave man.


To be in attendance on someone – means to accompany, to escort a very important person.


This place suggests to good manners – when we say this, we want to express that this place is noble and we should behave there honorably.


To keep a lower profile — means to behave distantly, to control emotions and feelings.


To stare about – means to gaze around, to look at everything around.


After you – this is what a gentleman says when he wants to let his lady first.


To wait a table – in a restaurant, waiters wait tables, in other words, they serve dishes, beverages and anything that the guests may need and ask.


To forewarn – If you forewarn someone about something, you warn them in advance that it is going to happen.


This conveys nothing to me – when you say this, you mean that you don’t understand anything about a certain subject.


To take fancy – means to like something and to want to get it.


Duly appreciate – means to appreciate something in the correct way, to understand the real value of something or somebody.


It sounds tempting – it sounds persuasive, inviting, it sparks our interest and desire.


To opt for – means to choose one thing from to or several things.


A fabulous gift – we say this about a gift that is very precious for us, and we really appreciate it. We even could not imagine that we would be given such a wonderful gift.


This will remain memorable long after – say this phrase when you want to express, that something will stay in your memories for a very long time.


Through thick and thin – when you do something through thick and thin, that means that you do it although the conditions or circumstances are very bad.


Well, these were the words and phrases, to which I wanted to draw your attention so that you could remember them well and use then in your everyday life. I’ll be back soon. Don’t miss me too much! Till next session!


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