Урок 14. Объяснение /Lesson 14. Explanation/


Hi there! It’s time to learn new language material from the conversation you previously heard. Well, here we go!


To be tired of waiting for – when you wait for someone or something for quite a long time, you get nervous and tired as a rule.


Ticket-vending machines – these are the machines in theaters and cinema theaters, which sell tickets automatically. It’s a rather comfortable way of buying tickets.


I thumb down – you say this when you don’t like something and it refers to a gesture when we turn our thumb down. Can you imagine? That’s it.


I fully expected this – the meaning of this phrase is — I had no doubts that this could have happened. All that happened was quite predictable.


Sappy romance – it is a romance story making listeners or spectators cry their hearts out.


Fall down – when something cannot be the option we’ll choose, we say that it falls down.


You scare! – you are afraid!


A come-in at the ticket booth – these are people in line waiting for their turn to buy tickets.


Dear me! – this is an exclamation expressing surprise, astonishment and all feelings of the kind.


Suitably – when you want to control your emotions, but still, you wish to show your approval, you can say – suitably – in a composed manner.


To work fine – means to do a good job.


Fall in love with somebody – to start loving somebody very strongly.


To do first-rate work – this means to do a great work, something of a high level or standard.


To be a natural for something – when somebody says that you are a natural for something, this means that you are the right person for this.


An intrepid female warrior – she can also be called an Amazon, a member of a race of women warriors.


To look attenuate – means to look thinner than usual.


To send men to their doom – to send people, soldiers or men to fight for dear life and probably be killed.


I can fix it up for you! – we say this when somebody is complaining about a situation and we can change its conditions. Generally, this phrase is used as an irony and sometimes even sarcasm.


To flaunt one’s knowledge – means to show one’s knowledge, to show one’s erudition.


As chance offers – in other words – when there’s an opportunity.


He rocks! – he is really great, talented, skilled and so on. We say this when we admire somebody.


A man is known by an idol he makes! – this proverb says that we can know a person from his or her surrounding, relatives, close people, ideas and ideals.


So wise you are – when somebody suggests to you something while having some hidden reasons and you understand this, you say – so wise you are.


Extort – If someone extorts something from you, he or she gets it from you using force, threats, deception or other means of the kind.


I was mad about – I loved very much something or somebody.


To have a crash on him – to love him strongly, love him to bits.


You amaze me! – we usually say this with irony when somebody does or thinks something unusual, astonishing, surprising and something like that.


You’re hopeless – It’s impossible to change you, you will never change.


We forgot our time over talk – this means that our conversation was so interesting that forgot everything, forgot our duties, tasks, plans and so on.


Fuss – it is anxious or excited behaviour or activity which serves no useful purpose.


Now we are through a new set of useful words that you will add to your skills collection. So, study regularily, expand the bundle of your knowledge. Stay with us and stay lucky! See you soon!


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