Урок 13. Объяснение /Lesson 13. Explanation/


Hello! I’m here again to represent some important words and phrases, which you may use in your everyday speech. Well, I invite you to continue our fruitful activity. Let’s go.


Healthy habits – these are the habits that are good for health such as sports, good food and so on.


Decide in favor – when we have to choose something among a variety of things, even if it’s difficult, we should decide in favor of a certain thing. That means, we make our choice.


Within 15 minutes walking distance from – as you may have understood yourself, this phrase means that we can get something on foot within not more than 15 minutes.


We’re in top form – means that we are in a good physical form and condition, that we are healthy, enough strong and so on.


Dylan is fine too – when you introduce yourself to someone, you say your full name, for example, and then, if you want to be on a first-name basis with this person, you can add that – your name is fine too – then, this person will call you by your name.


To bring somebody up to date – means to explain to somebody certain rules and condition proper to a certain situation.


Strength exercises – these are physical exercises developing strength.


Strenuous exercises – this is the name for exercises involving a strong and intensive muscle loading.


Must-do – this is something that everyone must necessary do. An obligatory, compulsory thing.


To tailor a course – this means to select things, such as exercises or a diet, that are suitable and good for a certain individual.


Nutritional supplements – people who visit gyms often complement their physical training with special nutrition and the products they take are called nutritional supplements.


Slight meal – it’s a meal that is light, not heavy, for example fruit or something like this.


Locker-room – in every gym, there are locker-rooms, special rooms where visitor can change their clothes. Generally, these rooms have lockers, boxes that can be locked so that visitors could feel comfortable and safe in relation to their clothes they leave in the locker-room.


Performance of the cardiovascular system – this means work and functions of the cardiovascular system. And the cardiovascular systems includes the heart and vessels.


Respiratory organs – these are lungs and all other organs of our body that make our breath possible.


In good tone – when we keep our muscles in good tone, this means that we keep them in a normal tension, and we maintain their correct activity.


Indexes – these are the key figures reflecting general condition of human body.


Sparing program – in the sport terminology, this is the program, which is not very hard and difficult, which does not involve very intensive physical activity.


To deal with – this is – to come to an agreement with somebody in relation of a certain subject.


Keeping seat –with no need to stand up, when it’s possible to keep sitting.


Pump up – means to train oneself very well during a training.


Can’t help it – in other words, I can’t refuse doing something, I strongly desire to do something.


To ease the tension – to make something relax.


This will soon ruin – when a certain activity is bad for our health, we can say that it will ruin something in our body.


Everything suits you fine – when you say this, it means, that you are satisfied with everything and you have no questions.


To grant discounts – to give discounts, to offer lower prices in order to interest potential and loyal customers.


To go ahead with – means to continue with doing something.


I can’t wait doing something – I want to start doing something very soon, as soon as possible and I can’t wait.


For the moment, that’s all. Listen to the conversation and words we studied together regularly and you will make great progress. I have no doubts. Come back soon! Be happy and learn English! Bye!


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