Урок 11. Объяснение /Lesson 11. Explanation/


Hi again! Now we’re moving right along with our studying of nice and useful words and phrases from the previous conversation. Are your seat belts on? Off we go then!


A must for me – means something necessary, compulsory for me.


Don’t talk nonsense – in other words and in a more polite way this means – please, don’t say stupid things.


Be in every corner – means be very popular and widespread.


Non-GMO products – these are the products without genetically modified organisms that are rather harmful for human body.


It’s a positive sign for our budget – this will be not expensive and will help us to save money. Of course, saving money is a good sign. Isn’t it?


Long story short – the synonyms to this phrase are the following – in one word, to be brief, in a word, in short and all of the kind.


Let’s stop break squares – when we use this phrase we want to stop arguing, disputing, debating and quarreling.


I have little taste for being guilty – I don’t like being guilty very much, being guilty is not what I want, desire or like.


A real drudgery – this is hard, menial, and monotonous work, giving no pleasure and almost no satisfaction.


Ill-fated – something or somebody unlucky, unhappy, unfortunate, something destined, as though by fate, to an unhappy or unfortunate end.


Nag – this “annoying” verb means to bother, to annoy somebody by constant and persistent complaints and demands, to talk in an irritating manner.


Come in handy – so to say, be very useful.


Don’t push me! – if someone is annoying or bothering you, trying to make you mad, you can stop this by using this phrase. Of course, a quick-witted person will understand you immediately and stop bothering you. If not, well, what we are to do?


That’s it – that’s all


Pop into somewhere – to go somewhere for a short while.


Reach the decision – means to come to a decision, to decide finally.


Must have done something – when you regret that you didn’t do something, you say — I must have done that.


I’m for! – I agree. I will do this, I’ll join you. These are some of the meanings.


You’ll get by without it – you will do well without it, it is not so much necessary for you. When somebody asks you something and you don’t want to carry out the wish, just use this phrase)


Drop by to – means to go somewhere for a short while on one’s way somewhere.


I can place my trust in you – I can trust you, I can rely on you, I can believe you, you are reliable as I see you – this are some possible meanings of the phrase.


A good trencher-man – it is a man who takes a good pleasure of good eating.


Have expertise! – means to have a good experience, to be a professional, to be a specialist in a certain field.


What’s the score? – in other words — how much shall we pay? How much do we owe?


Your till slip – a till slip is a payment check for purchases that you’ll receive in stores.


Stay within the time – means to do something very fast, in due time


Flatters – when something, for example, a dress, a skirt, or any clothes is very good on you, suits you very beautifully, they say that it – flatters – you.


a good fit – it is just the same that the meaning above – it’s when clothes suit somebody well.


A tight fit dress – it’s a dress with a good and beautiful waistline making a woman look very womanly.


Triggering – it is something, an act, a thing, or an event that initiates a reaction of a series of reactions.


Just something dear to my heart – something that I admire, love or desire, but, perhaps, which is not much interesting for other people.


Well, dear friend. Let’s call it now! I wish you success in your English study. And keep this up. Listen to our conversations where it’s possible and as much as you can. And this will help! Stay in touch. See you next time!


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