Урок 1. Объяснение /Lesson 1. Explanation/


Hello, guys! It’s time to look into the words and phrases used in the conversation you just listened and which can be useful for you in your everyday speech.

Update – this verb means informing somebody about the news, any new information and events. Very good and popular word indeed.

Changing of scenery – means moving to another city, changing life conditions and everything of the kind.

Almost the same meaning has the phrase – “alter life radically” – but it refers to changes that are more radical, complete change of life or life conditions.

Well, when we are altering our lives, there’s always – “a momentous step” – or a decision that will change our life completely, a very important decision, a very important step.

Situation at hand – is the current situation taking place at the moment of life, the situation that we should discuss and take a certain decision.

When you want to express your good feelings, your good emotions about some news or anything, you can always use the phrase — That’s mighty good!!! – it’ll render your feelings rather well.

On the word – well, this means instantly, at the very same moment, we say a word and right immediately, we do something else “on the word”.

Harping on – good expression. You surely know the musical instrument called “harp”, its sound is a bit monotonous and even repeating, and the same is impression, when people always and constantly think and talk about the same things. It seems they are playing harp – “harping on” – something.

We can do with something – means something may be of a good and right use for us at a certain moment. Well, when it is raining outside, we can do with this umbrella I bought some days ago. Let’s use it.

A very good phrase, a chance that is very easy to reach and that comes at the right moment of our life – we say then – “The opportunity knocks at the door!

Dropping everything” – means not only drop something on the floor, but also leave behind when our life is changing.

Just in case. – means if a situation or a need occurs, somebody or something may help and be of use.

Let the place slip. – means to lose a good job, not to have enough time to arrange everything to get the job and, as a result – to let the place slip. Sadly.

If you don’t want arguments or discussion any more in relation to a situation or a topic and want to stop them, then just say – it’s out of the question – and if your partner is not insistent enough he/she will surely stop.

time to reflect well – means time to think thoroughly, to deepen into the subject in order to take the right decision.


Take it hard” – oh! Really when we worry, get anxious, expect some bad results or feel very bad and sad about a situation, then we “take the situation hard”. We surely need calm down, yeah.

Let’s have it out – we say when we want to clear the things, to talk openly and settle the situation.

As long as everything goes according to plan – means if the things go right, if we realize our plan, then we’ll have success. And it is good.

Go for it – means catch the chance, do not lose the chance, do everything to make our dreams come true.

Have eyes for – well, we have eyes for something, when we want something to happen or, may be, gain or get something.

Changed her plans – means change mind, change desire, opinion, plan and all of the kind.

all that makes my head whiz! – indeed, a situation can be really difficult and require a lot of thoughts and efforts from our side. Then our head whiz, we get nervous and exhausted.

all of a sudden – means very suddenly, unexpectedly

be behind smb – means support somebody. Every good wife should be behind her husband so that he could be successful in life and make her happy.

fail to choose – we fail to choose means we are not able to choose, for us it’s very difficult to choose.

I’m for real! – I talk seriously; I do not joke.

I bet on it – I promise, I am sure that it will happen, I have no doubts that this will happen.

Be all by ourselves – means be without any friends or any support. Do everything ourselves, independently.

Know a soul – when we have friends and close people, good acquaintances, we know many souls. In contrary, when we’re all alone, we don’t know a soul.

Easy person to get on with – you’re lucky if somebody says it about you as it means you’re a good guy, a very communicative and easy-going person.

As little as a couple of weeks – means exactly very fast, just in two weeks, not later than two weeks.

Feel sad for – it’s very easy to understand what this phrase could mean and this is to be sad, to be upset, and, even feel sorry about something.

Look around for a new job – we say it when we search for a job in a place, city etc.

Congenial employment – happy are those who have found their congenial employments as these are jobs bringing happiness and satisfaction. I have. Have you?


By the by – the same that by the way, and we say it when we want to get to another topic, to draw attention to something to discuss.

That’s a thought… — yes, this is a good idea, we say. We think the suggestion is very good and we want to support it.

Go along with – means accept something, join something, assist something.

It’s all for today. See you next time. Bye-bye and get back soon!

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