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english Clothing Style

— Hey, Jake. Are you ready for your trip?

— Well, not really. I still have to buy some clothes.

— Well, what’s the weather like where you’re going?

— Well, uh, it’s really hot in the summer, so I’m going to buy some shorts, sandals, and a few t-shirts.

— What about the rest of the year?

— People say that the fall can still be warm until November, so I’m going to buy some jeans and a few casual shirts.

— Will you need any warm clothes for the winter?

— Well, the weather doesn’t get too cold, but it often snows in the mountains, so I’m going to buy a couple of warm sweaters, a jacket, and a hat. I don’t have room in my suitcase to pack a coat, so I’m going to wait until I get there and buy it when I really need it.

— Are you going to take anything else?

— They say it rains cats and dogs in the spring, but again, I’ll probably just wait and pick up a raincoat or an umbrella later on. But, I’m going to take a good pair of shoes because I plan on walking to and from school everyday.

— Do you need any clothing for formal occasions?

— Well, you never know when you might needs something on the spur of the moment for a wedding or maybe someone’s graduation, or a nice date, so I’ll probably take some nice slacks, a dress shirt, and a couple (of) crazy ties or two.

— Um, that makes sense.

— And I’ll just rent a suit or tuxedo if I need anything more formal. Hey, maybe I’ll get married.

— You? Married? Hah!

— Wait. What are you trying to say?

— I just can’t imagine you decked out in a tuxedo for any formal occasion. [What?!] I mean, for high school graduation, you wore an old pair of jeans and tennis shoes.

— Hey, there was a reason for that, so let me explain. [Yeah, ha, ha.] No, really. You see, it goes like this . .