english Buying a shirt
English Dialogue with Audio Level A1

— Excuse me.

— Hello sir, may I help you?

— Yes. Can I see that shirt on the top shelf please?

— Sure. Here it is.

— How much does it costs?

— 50 dollars.

— 50 dollars. That’s too much.

— How about this one? It’s on sale for only 35 dollars.

— I don’t like that one.

— How about the one next to the black gloves? It’s very similar to the one you like.

— That’s nice. How much is it?

— 30 dollars.

— That’ll be fine.

— Is this color OK, or would you like a different color?

— That blue one’s fine.

— Do you need any more of these shirts?

— Yes.

— How many do you want?

— I’ll take two more, a red one and a white one.